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Checking in at Design Destinations

IMG_0378If you think that a good accommodation isn’t just a important part of your trip, but also a crucial part of the total experience, you’re at the right place. If you think that going out to eat isn’t just a way to cure hunger, but also an experience for all senses, you’ve found your destination. Design Destinations is the place where you will find right on destinations around the world that will blow your mind and senses in the right direction.

How to get a free room upgrade

Many dream about getting that unexpected free upgrade. Getting a free upgrade can sometimes just be luck, we have all about heard of those stories but yet doesn’t seem to be that lucky ourselves. Well, there are some tricks and things to consider to get that free upgrade without relying on just luck. To get a free upgrade is actually a bit of a sport, but most definetly possible if you follow the following bullets:

    • Be nice and pleasant. Many does the mistake by trying to get an upgrade by being demanding. Mostly bad behavior serves bad outcome. Be nice and excited if you want to get that extra luxury treatment, that will result in generosity.
    • Try to be honest. Many times a free upgrade can appear if you simply ask for it. Happily ask by saying “ I’m in a mood for a free upgrade today” and see what happens. If your lucky they think your cheekiness and honesty are refreshing and will give it to you.
    • Check in a bit early. By checking in early your efforts are more likely to succeed because there might sill be a better room available.
    • Talk to the right persons. Some attendants just can’t pull the same strings as others. Identify the right persons at your hotel and work on that relationship. Often the concierge are a good place to start out because their job is to manage your experience.
    • Express your expectations,  happily expressing how amazing you heard this hotel is and how excited you are, you will definitely be in bigger chance of an upgrade just because of your high expectations and social marketing.
    • Celebrating can be the right key. By telling the attendants how excited you are to celebrate your engagement, birthday or any other big occasion, at this amazing hotel,  you might have a good chance on that upgrade.
    • Start tipping right away. Show your appreciation and discretely express your expectations. That will at least give you better service and treatment overall.
    • Pay attention to deviations from the description of the hotel and the actual room you were granted. Often a hotel website will show pictures of their best rooms. If you just were granted an old room that haven’t received that renovation or any other deviation from the description, nicely express that the room wasn’t as expected and express your initial excitement, and kindly ask for a better room. Happy guests are a hotels best marketing.