Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam 5-star room

Lloyd Hotel 5-star room

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

Contemporary, industrial and unique. This is a unique hotel experience in Amsterdam that’s a lot more than just a bed to sleep in.  Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam is located in a monumental old building hosting interesting stories from the time it was used as a prison.   They have kept the original shell of the building and renovated it with a cool industrial look that is edgy and modern. Although the prison is gone you certainly get the feeling of the old days which adds to the experience.

Lloyd Hotels rooms are categorized 1-5 stars. The information is based on a 4 star room. The room is very spacious and has an amazing ceiling height. The feeling can be described as luxury meets industrial design. Be aware that the stars doesn’t indicate luxury standards, they indicate space and design experience, for an example there’s  5 star rooms in the addict with stairs, piano and swing as amenities.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam is for those seeking an experience out of the ordinary and it leaves you with a lot to chat about.   It’s not located in the middle off the crowd but not far from the central station and simply worth that little extra distance.


60 -200 euro /night

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