Discover fascinating Dubai

Visiting one of the most expensive cities in the world doesn’t have to be a spending story. There are many ways to experience Dubai on a budget, without missing out on the luxury. Dubai is after all the city of leisure, and one of the most breathtaking places in the world. This is your guide on how to get the most out of your Dubai trip to a small cost.

Discover Dubai on a tight budget

  • Research before booking your trip. Be aware that packages made by Travel agency’s often include the most famous and expensive hotels in Dubai, making your trip very expensive. There are other hotels with equal standard to a lower cost.
  • Book your flight and hotel separate and avoid the expensive packages. Flying to Dubai is very inexpensive and you can choose a luxury affordable design hotel that’s not a part of the expensive package. So make sure that you compare packages against booking separately before booking your trip.
  • Don’t spend your money due to the location of an hotel. Be aware that Dubai is a huge city with similar infrastructure as Los Angeles.  The location of your hotel isn’t of a big importance due to the distances between all activities and sights. You will have to use taxis a lot to get around, no regardless your location. The taxis are very cheap, friendly and reliable. So if you find a affordable luxury hotel within taxi distance, your money will be saved.
  • Visit the public beaches. If you’re not lucky to be staying in a luxury private beach hotel, the public beaches are a great alternative with high standard. Often the hotels have a free shuttle bus to the public beaches.  Some are free to access and some have a small entrance cost.  Find out more about beaches in Dubai here.
  • Very tight budget? Have a budget dinner in one of  the luxury shopping malls, instead spend your money on a tasty drink in one of the luxury hotel bars and clubs.
  • Shopping in Dubai? Plan what your buying, luxury goods can be found in Dubai to a much lower cost due to different taxes.  Find a shopping guide to Dubai here.
  • Want to experience the Dubai Desert? The Beauty of Dubai is it’s many activities and experiences. Going for a wild carride and dinner in the desert is recommended. The prices differ hugely depending on how you book, the hotels often have good deals for a desert experience. If you’re going for a camel ride,  make sure what kind of camel ride you are paying for. Many of them is just a lap in a small enclosed pasture,  far from the long desert rides you’ve seen in the movies.
  • View Burj Al Arab from the outside not the inside. Visiting the most luxury hotel in the world will cost you an entrance fee. You can get a nice view of the luxury building from the public Jumeirah Beach instead.